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Core Values

Want to learn more about our core values, what they mean, and how we will use them? You've come to the right place!

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Le Cakepop Kitchen Core Values

Create for the future

It belongs to us, and our planet

We don't want to, and don't intend to stop growing. Our entrepreneurial spirit is strong and here at Le Cakepop Kitchen we are future focused and ready to adapt to real world changes. Our brand will stand the test of time, working with the best interests of our planet in mind. You will see a vast reduction of plastic packaging from Le Cakepop kitchen, with the aim to phase this out completely by 2022. Recycled and recyclable packaging will be the norm, and we will encourage our clients to do their bit for the planet by disposing of their Le Cakepop Kitchen waste responsibly.

Own it

We don't just treat you with treats, we treat you right

Being accountable to our customers is a given We will treat every order the same, and strive to deliver the best customer service we can. From ordering to unboxing, communicating and eating, your time with Le Cakepop Kitchen should be an experience. If we get something wrong, we won't hide, we will learn. When we get it right, we won't rest, we will grow.


A growth mindset doesn't mean thinking you can do it alone

Asking questions, engaging with our audience, and opening up lines of communication, we will grow together as a community. We will seek to work with like-minded people who share our values and support the small business community through collaborative partnerships. We will seek the expertise and creativity of our peers to develop our brand further whilst supporting the dreams of others.

Made for each other

Little things, bigger picture

Le Cakepop Kitchen is a brand for all people. We celebrate diversity, equality, creativity, forward thinking, and the belief that together we can achieve more. Through our charitable giving fund, Baking You Feel Better, Le cakepop Kitchen will recognise the importance of giving back, making a positive social impact locally and nationally.

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