Allan & Joanna

The Busby Hotel, 4th October 2019

What service did Le CakePop provide for you?

Le cake pop created my dream dessert table for my wedding in October 2019. I knew I didn’t want any ordinary donut wall or sweetie cart. I discovered Le CakePop on Instagram and could see the quality instantly in their photos. I knew I had to have one!! 

What was most important to you when it came to choosing you Le CakePop products?

When choosing items from Le CakePop I already had a good idea from researching their social media pages, I met with Lynsey who helped me make my dream dessert table come to life. I knew I wanted something that not only tasted amazing but also looked luxurious and really stood out. Le CakePop were able to make mini versions of all my favourite desserts, I was also given a beautiful sample box which helped me pick flavours of pops for my guests.

What did you love about your Le CakePop product?

I loved my whole experience with Le CakePop, as my wedding got closer I was slowly turning into a bridezilla (haha) I wanted everything perfect and Le CakePop were constantly in contact with me, giving me total confidence in them. They certainly didn’t disappoint when I was presented with my beautiful table, not only had they created all my favourite delicious treats my table was also decorated to perfection totally fitting in with my theme

What did your friends and family think of your Le CakePop products?

My friends and family were very impressed with the dessert table, they still talk about how delicious everything was now!

How did you find the ordering process with Le CakePop?

Le CakePop were amazing to work with. They were prompt in responding to my initial request for information, after meeting with them to discuss my ideas I was in contact over Facebook and WhatsApp and they were always available to answer any questions. Lynsey was able to make suggestions and guide me on what would suit my theme and budget which was brilliant.

Would you recommend Le CakePop?

 I have already recommended Le CakePop to my friends not only this I have already placed another order for my sons birthday party, so I look forward to tasting more of their delicious treats! 

Any other comments?

From start to finish Le CakePop have been a delight to work with. I would highly recommend everyone to check out their Instagram and Facebook pages as you will see how amazing and individual their products are!

Suppliers as shown in photographs:

Desserts & Dessert Table - Le CakePop

Venue - Busby Hotel

Dress - Bijoux Bridal

Rings - Chisholm Hunter

Bridesmaids dresses - TFNC

Venue Decor & Stationery - Ivory Tower

Entertainment - Ginny & The Tonic

Brides Jewellery - Emma Rose Creations 

Photo Credits - 1500 Photography

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